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The Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Guide

Daniel Disney

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ISBN: 9781119787891

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The Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Guide - краткое содержание

Become a LinkedIn power user and harness the potential of social selling  With the impact of COVID, remote working has become big, and so has the use of digital/virtual sales tools. More sales teams want and need to understand how to use social media platforms like LinkedIn to sell, and most do not use it properly.  The Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Guide  is the go-to book and guide for utilizing LinkedIn to sell. It covers all aspects of social and digital selling, including building the ultimate LinkedIn profile, using the searching functions to find customers, sending effective LinkedIn messages (written, audio & video), creating great content that generates sales, and all the latest tips and tricks, strategies and tools. With the right LinkedIn knowledge, you can attract customers and generate leads, improving your sales numbers from the comfort and safety of your computer.  No matter what you are selling, LinkedIn can connect you to buyers. If you’re savvy, you can stay in touch with clients and generate more repeat sales, build trust, and create engaging content that will spread by word-of-mouth—the most powerful sales strategy around. This book will teach you how to do all that and more. In  The Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Guide  you will learn how to:  Use the proven 4 Pillars of Social Selling Success to improve your existing LinkedIn activities or get started on a firm footing Create the Ultimate LinkedIn Profile, complete with a strong personal brand that could catapult you to industry leader status Generate leads using LinkedIn, then build and manage relationships with connected accounts to turn those leads into customers Utilize little-known LinkedIn “power tools” to grow your network, send effective messages, and write successful LinkedIn articles And so much more! The Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Guide  is a must read for anyone wishing to utilise LinkedIn to improve sales.