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Dick Girl 1

Summer Winter

Серия: Dick Girl

ISBN: 9783748562818

Год выпуска не известен

Возрастное ограничение: 0+

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Dick Girl 1 - краткое содержание

My name is Hanna. Hanna Banana. I&apos;m a young transsexual. And yet, meanwhile I am also 26 years old. I&apos;m married to a very nice and successful man. Aaron earns a lot of money as a doctor. More precisely, as a plastic surgeon. Aaron has just turned 45 and reads every wish from my lips. <br/> I know there&apos;s a big difference in age. But how many transsexuals manage to find a husband? And then another one so well-off? Even if Aaron isn&apos;t visually a dream man, he&apos;s my husband. And maybe it&apos;s not the big love either. But I have grown very fond of him. <br/> Three years ago Aaron asked me to marry him. How could I have said no? We&apos;d only been together a year then. Of course we don&apos;t have children. We both wanted children, but we neither found a surrogate mother nor were we allowed to adopt. My caring Aaren works very hard and very much. I work a lot too. As an interior designer, decorating and designing is my passion. We live in San Francisco, in a fancy Victorian town villa. <br/> Aaron is Jewish. He doesn&apos;t look like a model, but he&apos;s not ugly either. He is very friendly, polite, charming and courteous to everyone. Aaron is actually exactly how a woman should imagine her husband. But there is one small catch. And that really literally a «little hook». Aaron&apos;s penis is far below the American average and measures barely 10 cm. <br/> I, on the other hand, am exactly right with 1.68 m. A little small, maybe, and with the hormones I&apos;m taking. But just in the right places. I have very feminine curves, my cup size is 95 D. Aaron made it himself for my 25th birthday. My hair is blonde and it&apos;s up to my shoulders. My eyes are bright blue and deep as the sea.