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The german Bimbo 4

Summer Winter

Серия: The german Bimbo

ISBN: 9783748562559

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Возрастное ограничение: 0+

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The german Bimbo 4 - краткое содержание

Annika was sent to a business partner by Marcus Alexander. Djamil was actually waiting for Marcus&apos; money. But all he got was Annika. As an excuse for a two-day delay in payment, he offered him Annika as a lady of love. Djamil accused his people of it, without having lent a hand. <br/> Annika realized that she had to leave Marcus before something worse would happen. And she did. She sat down on the next plane to Austria to flee into the arms of the man who invited her. Adrian......... <br/> But can she really find peace and tranquillity with her radiant knight? <br/> <br/> <br/> Chapter 1 – Vienna Calling It is Monday 13 October 2014, shortly before 14:00 hrs. The sun shines on the wet asphalt of the runway at Vienna Airport. A plane from Germany has just arrived in the Austrian capital. He comes from Frankfurt am Main. <br/> Adrian Herzog and Peter Moser are waiting in the lobby for Annika. The lobby&apos;s crowded. The picture is dominated by a mass of people. It is a constant coming and going. You can barely focus your gaze. But then Adrian discovers his Annika. Like a flower in the desert, it sticks out from the moving human avalanche in front of him. <br/> Adrian makes his way through the crowd, his way to Annika. He&apos;s almost there when she finds him. Annika drops her hand luggage and jumps into Adrian&apos;s arms. She wraps her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips. They kiss her with such passion and intensity as if they had waited centuries for this moment. <br/> Annika has tears in her eyes as she can close Adrian in her arms. Both smile and laugh with happiness. And Peter Moser also seems to smile with satisfaction.