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The german Bimbo 2

Summer Winter

Серия: The german Bimbo

ISBN: 9783748562528

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Возрастное ограничение: 0+

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The german Bimbo 2 - краткое содержание

After Björn had to watch how Marcus gave Alexander Annika to several friends, who had repeatedly abused her on a rambling evening in Tyler&apos;s pub, he began to reverse the «bimbofication». <br/> But can he succeed at all? Will Annika be back the way she was? And why does Björn betray his boss in the first place? <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> Chapter 1 – Crack of shards Sunday, June 29,2014: While Marcus spends Sunday in his villa with his family, Björn is tormented by yesterday&apos;s events. He could hardly find sleep in the early hours of the day. It was just before six o&apos; clock when he went to sleep. But he could barely make an eye. He constantly saw the images in front of his inner eye. <br/> How Bibi, despite the greatest humiliations, chummed up Marcus and his «like-minded». Without pride, without dignity, like abused cattle. He couldn&apos;t forget the sight of her. The make-up smeared face, her wet, sticky dress. Stained with beer, sperm and spit. <br/> Again and again he saw her tied to the heating pipe. Ready to be climbed and used like a disposable item. And he had her voices in his ear all the time. The laughing and smiling men. How they made fun of Bibi, how they took Bibi&apos;s every kind of humanity. <br/> He could hear Marcus. With his boastful sayings, with his humiliating words. And he heard Bibi&apos;s bright, whiny, moaning voice. How she tried to please everyone. The way she humiliated herself on command. How she gave the last spark of free will when she begged for more and thanked the greasy men for it. <br/> Björn was in a bad way. And his guilty conscience tormented his mind. He decided to pay Bibi a visit. He wanted to check on her. Make sure she&apos;s okay. <br/> Around 17:00 Björn arrives in Bornheim. He and his Mercedes parked in the courtyard of the big tenement house. His arrival will not go unnoticed. Various tenants watch him through their windows with a view of the courtyard. Björn turns upstairs to Bibi&apos;s apartment. <br/> When he finally gets to her apartment, he sees something on the white door. There someone wrote the word «KURVA» in big red letters with a felt-tip pen. In various Slavic languages this word stands for slut, whore, hooker and similarly defamatory.